Snow Removal Tips For Your Home

Although a fresh blanket of white snow on your home can create a picturesque winter scene, the unavoidable task of removing it can become a back breaker if it`s not done properly. Additionally, some snow removal methods can damage your landscaping, driveway and sidewalk. To avoid replanting your flora this spring or making costly pavement repairs, use these snow removal tips as you snow this winter.

Purchase a good shovel- You should buy a shovel with a medium-sized aluminum or plastic blade with a nonstick finish. High strength plastic and aluminum shovels are easy to use, light weight and strong. Although larger shovels might seem logical, it will bring arm and back stiffness later on. C-shaped shovels are good for removing and pushing light, fluffy snow and S-shaped shovels are better for removing heavy snowfall. Don`t use a shovel that`s too long or too heavy for you. Space your hands on the tool grip so that you can increase your leverage.

Additionally if you live in an area that receives more than 4 inches of snow every year, you consider purchasing a snow blower.

Prepare before the snowfall – Mark off the walkways, plant beds and driveway with stakes, poles, or flags, before the snow storms hits so that you can keep track of your landscape.

Warm-up – Shoveling snow is exercise. It`s important to stretch your back, legs and arms, so that you can prevent injury, particularly with heavy snow. You should also take breaks when required and drink lots of water. Another tip when shoveling is to switch off between shoveling right-handed and left-handed so that you`re working different muscles.

Early and often – Waiting until the end or middle of the winter season to begin shoveling means you`re going to be battling wet, heavy snow, that`s more dangerous and difficult to manage. You should instead, get out and begin clearing the passages as soon as you see that snow is accumulating and repeat it often throughout the winter season so that each time is easier than if you try to remove all of the snow at once.

How to determine if there is excessive snow load on your roof – The interior doors of your home are a really great clue. If they start to stick, that signals there is enough weight on the home`s center structure to distort the door frame. You should ignore doors that are located on exterior walls but check the interior doors leading to attics closets and second-floor bedrooms, and in the center of your house. You should also examine the plaster or drywall around the door frames for visible cracks.

Houses that are susceptible to roof cave-ins are those that have undergone sloppy renovations. The improper removal of interior load bearing walls is usually responsible for the catastrophic failure of roofs as a result of snow.

Do not climb on to your roof to remove the snow – If you are able to reach the roof with your long handled snow rake with built-in rollers and a telescoping handle, go ahead and remove the snow. Otherwise, hire an insured and licensed professional. They own the anchor harnesses, extension ladders and other specialty tools that are required to climb onto your roof and remove the snow safely.

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