Some Reliable Carpet Cleaning Tips

Installing a carpet in your room or home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. When you install your carpet, it’s imperative that you clean it regularly to prolong its life. Cleaning your carpet will make it appear beautiful thus improving the look and feel of your house.  Carpet Cleaners Orlando recommends carpet cleaning tips that you can apply today to keep your carpet sparkling clean.

1. Vacuum it regularly.
Regular vacuuming of your carpet will prevent dirt from getting embedded deep down into your carpet fibers. If you are a bachelor without a family, vacuuming it at least once per week will work. However, for homes with kids and pets, it’s necessary that you do it more regularly. Vacuuming will help protect your carpet fibers from damage by dirt and hence prolong its life.

2. Use a Good Stain Remover
There are different ways of making your own carpet stain remover by using ingredients such as white vinegar and baking powder. Also, you can get safe and effective carpet stain removers from professional carpet cleaning companies near you. Ensure that you don’t use those stain removers bought at supermarkets as they can ruin your carpet.

3. Avoid Excessive Water
If you’ve decided to hire a rental machine to clean your carpets, ensure that you don’t over-wet them. It’s good to use as little water as possible and also ensure the house is properly ventilated. When your carpet becomes saturated, it may shrink or cause mold growth which produces horrible odors.

4. Use quality mats
To say the truth, it’s difficult for you and your family to always remove your shoes every time you’re entering the house. However vigilant you are, there will be times when you will dash into the house with soiled footwear. Buying quality mats for your outside doors will go a long way in keeping your carpet as clean and prolonging its life.

5. Regular Professional Cleaning
While you may want to save money by DIY carpet cleaning, it helps a lot to hire professional cleaners regularly. They use special cleaning agents, stain removers, and equipment to clean your carpet. They also have skills you may not have to effectively clean your carpet. By utilizing their services, it will extend the life of your carpet and save you money in the long run. Don’t stay more than 18 months without having your carpets professionally cleaned.

6. Deal with spills as fast as possible and don’t rub
If you accidentally spill coffee, ink, or any stubborn fluid and you don’t have a homemade stain remover; place some paper towers over the stain and blot. Ensure that you don’t rub it at all as this will complicate everything. Vigorous running will make it difficult to remove the stain and will cause the stain to spread further.

7. Use heat to remove candle wax
Candle wax can tear out carpet hair. Do not use your forcefully remove the wax but instead, take a blunt knife, pass it over the wax, and remove as much wax as possible. To remove the remaining wax, cover it with some paper towels and pass an iron over them. This will melt the wax into the paper towels.

Use the above carpet cleaning tips to improve not only the look of your carpet but also the general look and feel of your house.